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Perkele Saatana

Perkele Saatana was our second project at The Game assembly. Its a Shoot em up set during the early stages of WW2. Its about a finnish fighter pilot during the winter war who must pilot his experimental aircraft and push back the Red Madman of the east.

Level Designers
Hannes Bensryd | Daniel Svahn

Oliver Nyholm | Kasper Andersson Brandt | Flovin Michaelsen | Fredrik Bladh

Graphical Artists
Henrik Andersson | Dennis Praetorius Holmgren | Andras Cramer

Game Design | Level Design, Level 1, Level 2, Level 3 | Playtesting

Specifications and tools
Reference Game: R-Type | Shoot Em Up | Created in 8 weeks, half-time | Game Engine: TGA2D

Perkele Saatana Trailer